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Let us help you architect your business online.

Rock Solid Technology

e/d/k/s believes in unbreakable technology. We use proven techniques and extensive industry experience to design a solution that works - and keeps working - for years to come.

Database Design

SQL Server, mySQL, Access - you name it, we've worked with it. Solid database design, implementation, and maintenance.

Web Development

Whether you use PHP or .NET, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, HTML -- we can build a website that helps you run your business.


Some of the companies for whom we've developed systems.



Associated Press

Database Design

Alumni Sprints

Website and eCommerce


Experience and sophistication

  • Desktop Applications

    Our Humble Beginnings

    e/d/k/s began work on a number of multimedia presentations and interactive learning tools for IBM, CMS, and Wakefern.

  • The Internet

    Training Websites

    e/d/k/s began its first Internet project, a web-based training tool for Sony Consumer Products.

  • Data Syndication Services


    e/d/k/s became the technical partner in the development of the CinemaSource movie times listing service -- and later helped develop the EventSource event syndication services.

  • ECommerce and Newswires

    Full lifecycle development

    e/d/k/s designed and built the initial implementation of MovieTickets.com. e/d/k/s has also built news products for the Freedom Forum, the Associated Press, and Hollywood.com.

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    Of Our

Who We Are

Management and Founders

Elisabeth Borsy

Elisabeth received her BS from Cornell University in Biology, and then went on to earn her Masters of Engineering in Operations Research. As a manager at Andersen Consulting on major software projects for clients such as Pepsi, NYNEX, Goldman Sachs and Xerox. At CMS, Elisabeth created multimedia training tools for IBM and other clients. She then founded e/d/k/s at the beginning of the Internet revolution

David Stonehill

After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Computer Science, David went to work at Digital Equipment Corporation developing the VMS operating system. He then went to work for MCI, where he developed store and forward messaging systems, and helped create the MCI Fax service. At the Associated Press, Dave rose to the position of Director of Software Development, where he was responsible for news, elections, financial markets, and sports systems.

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